Our Company

is founded on the premise that by employing an industry seasoned team with the latest and best in state-of-the-art casting technique and automation, we will ensure world class performance.

Our goal

is to make our customers choice to do business with us easy by focusing on quality, on-time delivery, cost reduction, and open honest communication. We want Allcast to be your last stop when searching for a supplier of precision tooling and die cast products.

our commitment

to consistent quality, craftsmanship, and competitive pricing is carried through with personalized service that creates long-term customer relationships.
Commitment to Excellence

Our Seasoned Leadership and Management Teams along with our Dedicated Employees are Fully Committed to Continuous Improvement and the Pursuit of Excellence.   Our Primary Focus is always on our Valued Customers as we strive to Develop True Partnerships within our Business Relationships.   And while we Possess and Employ many Notable Systems, Skills and Abilities, we always Stand Ready to Learn and Serve our Valued Customers in most any New Way that We Can.
Commitment to Quality

Aavid Allcast, LLC maintains a quality assurance laboratory which is capable of effectively managing product compliance to specification. Process monitoring and quality audits occur at every stage of die casting to consistently maintain our strict density and porosity standards.

Aavid Allcast team members participate in Quality Assurance training and demonstrate expertise in Statistical Process Control procedures to monitor, test and analyze each customized casting cycle to your exacting standards.

Our facility conforms to ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems, as well as a variety of automotive standards. We instill accountability for product quality in every team member who participates in your custom casting project. Aavid Allcast facility is measured by industry-wide metrics that drive our team to continuously improve performance for you.
Commitment to Customer Focus

Aavid Allcast thrives on having high interaction with every customer. Quality assurance and cost-savings measures resonate throughout all Aavid Allcast die casting projects. EDI communication technology, scheduling accuracy and quick die-change techniques allow Just-In-Time manufacturing to meet your demand forecasts and shipping parameters.

We practice Lean Manufacturing and leverage global partnerships to minimize the resources required for production of your final part, thus eliminating excess that could inflate costs and lead times. Our innovative approach to custom aluminum die casting and customer service means that we are constantly making suggestions that can lead to a reduction of your overall production budget.